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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winterize.... again

With 9111 Kms on the clock my VFR1200 was given its 4th oil and filter change. Though the fall weather here has been good, there's a possibility the bike won't be ridden again until spring 2012 and I like to keep it parked with clean oil in it.

With the last service at 4400Kms this is the furthest it has gone on a single oil change. The oil came out quite dirty, but still with a slight greenish tinge from Motul 300v full synthetic. The recommended service interval is 7500 miles but I'll probably never go that far without a change. It's worth noting that this engine has used not a drop of oil since new, and this summer saw some hard use, with a 3600Km mountain tour, a trip to the dragstrip and 2 trackdays.

A new filter went on and 3.2L of 5w40 Motul 300v double ester replaced the dirty 10w40 300v that was drained out. I didn't deliberately switch to 5 weight, it's just what the dealership happened to have.

While I was at it, I changed the final drive oil again with another 200mL or so of Motul full synthetic hypoid oil. I'm well short of needing a final drive service but its an easy task to perform and only took a few minutes. The oil came out clean but with strings of black slime marbled throughout. I added some StaBil to the fuel, put the bike on stands and hooked up a battery tender.

There's no such thing as too much maintenance.

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