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Friday, January 8, 2010

Calgary Motorcycle Show

Clearly I've been AGONIZING about this motorcycle for months, looking for any little morsel I could find. So you could imagine my anticipation for the Calgary Motorcycle Show where I would be able to actually see the thing... and you can imagine my frustration that Honda Canada only brought one and decided to put it up on a rotating dais. WTF? The excuse given was that "it was a hand-painted prototype and wouldn't reflect the final production quality" which I can understand but please Honda get your shit together!

The bike looked great. Being elevated up a couple feet, it looked bigger than I had imagined, but that might just be due to perspective. The bike on display had a few rough edges and a couple of inconsistent gaps... I will have to attribute that to its prototype status.

Luckily for Honda, Ducati Canada didn't bother to bring a Multistrada 1200 so I didn't have the opportunity to change my mind. ;)

I had to call out one of the dumbass salesmen working the Honda booth. He was trying to tell a guy that the VFR put out 174hp at the wheel (I doubt it) and that its front cylinders were of a larger displacement than its rear cylinders, which somehow gave it unique power pulses. I let him know that he was completely inaccurate. He assured me that he was told this directly by "the engineers" and I told him that whatever the engineers told him, he had misinterpreted it and he was still wrong. I don't know why I bother.... I guess I must be a know-it-all.