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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaoko Throttle Control

On my road trip in August I decided that I HAD to have some sort of throttle lock or cruise control if I ever wanted to take a ride like that again. (which I do)

I initially decided that I would look for a Throttlemeister, as I like the size and weight and feel of them. Unfortunately, ordering one wasn't easy, as their website is very amateur and doesn't offer any sort of order system. They want you to print an order form and mail send it in with funds. They're also expensive, so nevermind.

There are alternatives though. After a bit of research I chose a Kaoko throttle lock from twistedthrottle.com. It's not as beefy-looking as the Throttlemeister, but it's well-made (in South Africa) and quite a bit less money.

Installation wasn't the 5 minute ordeal I was expecting. I had a bit of trouble getting the bar-end weight out of my clip-on and the Kaoko didn't want to go in. I realized that the internal diameter of my Helibar clip-ons is very slightly smaller than that of the stock ones. With a little grease and some "encouragement" from a precision tool (claw hammer) I got the device into place where it remains solid and secure. A little tightening on the friction nut and this sucker isn't going anywhere.

My wrists will surely thank me.


  1. I was looking on the site but could not find the exact model to order. Can you tell me the Twisted Throttle part number?

    Houston, TX

  2. http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/4749/758/