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Monday, November 1, 2010

Honda CrossTourer Concept and Crossrunner

Honda have said that they will unveil 2 V4-powered adventure-style bikes at the Milan show this week. (opens Nov 2)

There is the VFR800X that I posted about earlier and a rumored VFR1200-based adventure bike. The VFR800-based model (CrossRunner) is supposed to be production-ready, while the 1200X (Crosstourer) will probably be a 2012. Other moto blogs have mistaken the 1200 Cross Tourer for the 800X Cross Runner.

Someone at Oliepeil (Dutch moto mag) got a hold of some spy pictures today before the show has opened. One of the pictures shows the "Crosstourer Concept" which is clearly based on the VFR1200.

The image of the Crosstourer has some interesting clues. It seems to have the (a version of) VFR1200's frame, swingarm and final drive. (and presumably engine) There are hand guards, extra running lights, lots of ground clearance, a big gas tank and spoked wheels. If they include a sophisticated electonics package and all the gadgets, it could be a serious competitor for the R1200GS and Multistrada 1200.


  1. Honda2 V4-powered adventure-style bikes are looking amazing and very stylish..

  2. I had a VFR1200X Adventure and it is one nice bike but because of a reason I have not solved up to today, it hurt me and my wife, after only 50 km in the saddle our bums were very sore and my right hand got very painful after 100 km or so. I sold it and bought a new ZX14 and after 3500 km sold that and now have the VFR1200F and will not easily change again soon.