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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Last Track Day

I spent Sunday afternoon at Race City turning laps at the last ever scheduled event at Race City Motorsports Park. Next year, the facility will be demolished to make room for an expansion of the neighbouring landfill. 

I normally participate as an instructor, but this time I decided to ride as a "customer". I paid my fees and was free to ride in all of the groups, at my own pace, as much as I wanted.  The VFR handled beautifully.... predictable, stable, fast, and with surprising grip from the Pirelli Angel sport touring tires. Being ever more confident with the bike, I pushed it quite a bit harder than the last track day, grinding out my pegs regularly and spinning the tire coming out of 2nd gear turns. The ABS was a bit frustrating, forcing me to brake way early for turn 1. (or otherwise risk blowing past the turn-in point when it kicked in) I passed a few intermediate riders on litre bikes and supersports who were surprised at how fast the big girl could be hustled, and admittedly, I also got in the way of a few racers who were probably wondering what the hell I was doing riding in the fast group. :)
I'm sad that Race City will be gone, but grateful for all the memories and friends I've made there. 

A debt of gratitude is owed to my friend Brad Gavey who introduced me (and hundreds of others) to the sport. Brad kept his school and track days going through thick and thin, sometimes at great personal expense, out of pure burning passion for the sport he loves.Thanks buddy.

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