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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lego Motorcycle (non-VFR related)

Lego was my favourite toy as a kid. It was all I wanted for christmas and birthdays. I wasn't very good at "playing" with my creations, I just liked building them. I read recently that the founder of Lego is a billionaire and the wealthiest Dane. I guess I'm not the only kid who liked it.

I found myself in a toy store on Sunday and I couldn't stop myself from buying this kit. It's a fully functional streetfighter motorcycle with working suspension, a 3-cylinder motor with functioning 180' crank and pistons, primary drive, transmission countershaft, final drive and functional roller chain. The kit also has alternative instructions for a chopper-style bike, but fuck that, choppers are dumb.

I bet with an unlimited supply of technic parts in front of me I could build a wicked VFR1200... V4 engine, shaft drive and all.

Dear Santa: Please bring me a Lego Technic Unimog kit for Christmas. I've been a good boy and I promise to leave you gluten-free cookies and nonfat milk.

467 pieces, took about 2 hours total

Coming together nicely. You have to build the chain from individual links

Finished. I left out the corny decals

Yellow pistons, rods and crank are visible here

Yup... pretty badass

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