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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The TankSlapper

I bought a mail-order product called "The Tank Slapper" a few weeks ago. It finally arrived this week so I installed it today. It's basically a static cling plastic film that adheres to the sides of the tank to protect it from scuffing.

The paint finish on the VFR is gorgeous... I'd hate to scratch it up. Mind you, when I ride the VFR my knees don't touch the sides of the tank (cover) but what the hell... it was cheap.

I used warm water with dish soap and a spatula from the kitchen as a squeegee.

Dunk the film in the soapy water and position it carefully on the tank. Lots of liquid lets you move it around and get it in the right spot.

Work the bubbles out with a "squeegee"

All done. You can barely tell it's there.


  1. Cool, i just ordered this also. I put a small scratch in mine locking the bars doing a tight turn. Dang button on my wrist scraped it.

  2. You must have gotten the 3m version. I accidently bought the normal tank slapper for $15, and you apply it with water and alcohol.

    Anyways it went on perfect and looks great.