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Monday, August 16, 2010


On Wednesday I rode out to Banff to ride a couple of little roads that I've been meaning to try. The Minnewanka Loop and Norquay road. Both are short runs that only take a few minutes, but the scenery is great and there are some fun curves.

The Norquay road is a series of switchbacks climbing up the side of the mountain of the same name to the ski resort near the top. It overlooks the town of Banff.

The Minnewanka loop is the road surrounding the lake of the same name. The lake is a reservoir that was expanded multiple times in the late 19th and early 20th century with progressively bigger dams. It is a popular spot for SCUBA divers because there is a ghost town at the bottom of the lake. Archaeological findings indicate that this area was inhabited by First Nations peoples as early as 10000 years ago.

I stopped in Banff for lunch at Timbers and then headed out to Lake Louise via the Bow Valley Parkway. This is an alternative route to the Trans Canada, and is more narrow, curvier and much more interesting.

I've been wanting to make my Vholdr videos more watchable, so I picked up a copy of PowerDirector video editing software. It was highly recommended online, and though video editing is new territory for me, I'm finding this program simple and intuitive.

Here is a short video of the climb up Norquay:

Here is one of the Minnewanka road: (at 5:42 or so you can see some divers in the water)

This is the drive down Sulfur Mountain, on the opposite side of the Bow Valley from Norquay, from the natural hot springs to the town of Banff and Banff Avenue:

These videos all had some of my favourite music blended in but youtube kicked some of it out for copyright infringement. Fuckers.


Entrance to Banff National Park
Cascade Ponds

Norquay lookout, looking down on Banff

From the TransCanada just west of Banff

***UpDATE: I disputed the copyright claim on my minnewanka video and youtube restored the soundtrack. Much better now.

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  1. Love the videos and pics...really enjoy you're writing too