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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Horn Upgrade

The VFR1200 comes standard with a very polite Japanese horn which Japanese people probably think is suitable for politely "tootling" at other polite Japanese motorists and pedestrians.

Here in Canada where motorists don't even acknowledge motorcycles (let alone respect them) I need something more assertive. When a SUV-driving soccer-mom casually invades my space I want to let her know that "Here I am!" and "you fucked up!" A loud horn blast accompanied with a scolding stare or rude gesture should do the trick.

I bought a truck horn at Canadian Tire that claimed to have a "big rig sound".

The old horn next to the new one:

The new horn is bulkier but fit easily without any steering or suspension clearance issues. If I were to panic-brake HARD and fully compress the fork, the fender might touch the horn but it won't do any damage.

New horn installed:

"Before" video with polite little Japanese horn:

"After" video with new loud horn:

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