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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quartet Harness

 Honda offers a "quartet" harness that makes it really simple to hook up factory accessories. (such as the heated grips or 12v outlet offered on the Honda web site) Since it's cheap and I already had the bike peeled, I figured I'd pop one on there. I ordered from David Silver Spares once again in the UK. It was cheaper than buying from a US dealer on ebay.

The instructions are simple. Locate the waterproof accessory plug. It is electrical taped to another harness. Remove the tape and the dummy plug.

If you pull back the cover you can see the 4 plugs for hooking up the factory accessories.

Use the supplied zip tie and clamp to secure the harness firmly in place.

Now I just have to get some accessories.....


  1. Does the harness have a straight power feed or is it switched with the ignition?

  2. Thanks for a very comprehensive Blog. Just about to fit a sat nav and Autocom to a froends VFR1200 in the UK. Are the male connectors for the harness readily available.

  3. Nigel: thanks for following. The connectors are pretty ordinary molex items, you shouldn't have trouble sourcing them. CHeck out my post "Garmin GPS". I hacked up the standard car adapter (12v to USB) to plug in to my quartet harness for switched fused power. Works great.

  4. Fitted the plug today, Garmin Zumo 660, Autocom and auxillary socket fitted to the inner part of the upper left fairing panel. Holes already drilled. Connected heated grips aswell. Bit of a problem....
    Lost power to sat nav and heated grips after 10 miles - I think a fuse has blown, and volume from sat nav to Autocom not very loud.
    Work in progress

  5. I think you'll want to make sure the heated grips go to the red plug, which I believe is the fused power source. The heated grips are your biggest draw.