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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honda CBR250R

Honda have announced that their redesigned CBR250R will be offered in Canada and the USA next year. When Honda brought the CBR125R to Canada a few years ago I liked it so much that I bought one. It was by no means a high-performance motorcycle but it was great fun to ride

This new CBR250 would make a great "little brother" to my VFR1200F. Don't tell my wife.


  1. I just bought a 2009 250r for the wife, altho i ride it alot for a commuter. The bike is a blast.

    I am seriously considering this as a third bike to match my vfr1200. But what is gonna be a deal breaker is if this thing cant cope with highway speeds, either not making it to 80mph at all, or vibrating to hell once it gets there.

    The ninja can do 80 no problem, and smooth as hell.

  2. this little sucker will do 80 all day. my cbr125 would do 70mph (barely) and it had 13hp.

  3. Yea, but hows the thumper gonna feel at 80mph...Guess we will see how well honda dealt with the vibrations

  4. At 80 the little thumper feels fine, and not all revved out like the Ninja.