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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ordered some stuff

In preparation for a big 2-up roadtrip to the west coast in September I've ordered some touring kit for the VFR.

I've got the Honda luggage rack coming from the local dealer. They were able to give me a decent discount but they can't guarantee availability. The item shows on their system as "extended backorder". Hopefully it gets here in time.

I ordered a Givi E55 Maxia top case with backrest from Twisted Throttle. It won't look as good as the genuine Honda colour-matched case but it's nearly twice the size and still looks pretty good. It's the biggest and best case Givi makes. I can always have it painted to match.

Honda tankbag and panniers are coming from David Silver Spares in the UK. It was actually cheaper to have them shipped out from the UK than to order locally or from the States. The Pound must be down a bit... Also the availability of the genuine Honda accessories is a lot better in the UK... this stuff has been slow to make its way to North America.

I've got a Givi inner bag for the topcase and a universal Givi adaptor plate coming from 2nd Gear Motorsports ebay store, which ironically is actually a local motorcycle dealer that I know quite well... I bought my CBR954 and CBR125 from them, as well as a lot of parts. Supposedly they have agreements with their suppliers to sell the givi product on ebay only... they don't offer it at their retail store.

I'm looking forward to getting everything installed and taking the VFR for a proper long ride through the mountains.


  1. Thanks for the David Silver Spares tip - their prices are fantastic! How expensive was the import duty on the stuff you ordered from them?


  2. You're in Canada I take it? They'll hit you for 6.1% duty and 5% GST at delivery.