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Saturday, June 5, 2010


There is a recall in the UK and Spain for the VFR1200F. Apparently aluminum debris can clog up the oil galleries. Affected bikes will have a new engine installed. Apparently it only affects a specific batch... I suspect it may be focused on very early production units. A couple of the first people to post about buying the new VFR on the enthusiast sites are saying they have been instructed to bring their bikes in for inspection.

I called Rocky Honda Powerhouse this morning and the service manager had heard nothing of it. Hopefully mine isn't affected. I might just change the oil again as a precaution.

Here's what I've seen:


  1. Hi.
    Well, I ordered mine monday the 29th of March. I am pretty pissed off by the long time awaiting, and sent some hot vane protest mail to Honda Italy. They gave me a new helmet to keep me quiet -which I do not care at all- and this very technical problem may well explain for the long delay. Or doesn't it?

  2. overheard on vfrdiscussion.com:

    "Word is that the origin of the shavings is an error in the cleaning process of the engine castings after milling. Also Honda now knows the VIN numbers of the affected bikes."

    I'm somewhat relieved that it's a QC issue rather than a design issue. (if this is true)

    Cosmo you will be thrilled with your VFR. It will be worth the wait.

  3. ;-)
    Thank you mate. They said it arrived just today but I'm going to leave for holidays in Tuscany until the end of the month. I'll prepare documents and insurance for my comeback. Honda man said in Italy the're retiring around 100 bikes. A group of Honda technicians from Japan come follow personally the operations. I'll drop a line to match your kind wishes as I'll drive some km.

  4. Hello
    No debris is found at all (approx 48)bikes that are delivered in Norway. Three japanese mechanics have done the checks. No problems!