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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Service

After a hard running-in of the motor I decided to change the oil and filter at 500Km rather than the recommended 1000Km. I was pleased to find that the VFR1200 is one of the easiest motorcycles that I've owned when it comes to changing the oil.

With no centre stand, I supported the bike with a 3 foot chunk of 1/2" steel rod through the swingarm pivot and a pair of jack stands.
The lower cowl comes off with ease... 4 little screws and 3 grommet plugs.
I have a feeling there are more of these rectangular grommets holding fairings in place. They work well and are easy to locate.
Run the bike a few minutes to warm the oil.
Drain the old oil. (this can actually be done without removing any cowls)

Remove the old filter. I wrap aluminum foil around the header pipe to keep the oil from dripping on it.

Torque the drain bolt to 21lbs and torque a new filter to 19lbs and pour 3.2L of this stuff in. Honda recommends 10W30 for the VFR1200. Is this an energy-conserving measure? Every other motorcycle I've owned recommends 10W40. The dealer didn't even stock 10W30.

Piece of cake! Though I'll probably only have to do this service once a year, it's nice knowing how simple it is.

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