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Monday, April 19, 2010

First 2-up ride

Last night I convinced a reluctant wife to take a quick ride downtown for some chicken wings.

I added 3 clicks of rear preload to deal with the added weight but left the tire pressures at the 31PSI front and 33PSI rear that I had initially set them at.

The VFR was definitely designed and tested with 2-up riding in mind... It handled magnificently with a passenger.

The long 61.5 inch wheelbase comes into play here. With the back wheel way out behind, the passenger's weight sits within the wheelbase, rather than aft of it, which would turn the back wheel into a fulcrum and un-weight the front end. (reducing stability). This is what makes many sportbikes so sketchy to ride with a passenger.

It also helps that the passenger seat is relatively low, unlike a lot of sport bike rear seats which elevate the passenger to an uncomfortable and precarious position. The rear pegs are low and allow the passenger to sit in a relatively natural position.

Handling was very stable. The front end remained planted and kept its confidence-inspiring feel.

Also, the Dr. Jekyll portion of the Jekyll and Hyde motor plays a big role here. With the soft power delivery and slick clutch I was able to provide a smooth ride with minimal helmet bonk.

The wife still isn't too keen on any long trips... surely the addition of the top case with "sissy bar" backrest will help.

On a completely unrelated note, Honda just released pricing on the luggage and accessories for the 1200 and encouragingly, priced the panniers lower than the US. price. This is a refreshing change.

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