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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pre-Trip Maintenance

I've got big plans for a road trip to Oregon next month so I've been spending some time with the Big Red Bitch getting caught up on maintenance. New air filter, new front brakes, also changed the final drive oil. Pro Tip: always install a new crush washer with a final drive service. I neglected to last time and it dribbled hypoid oil on the back wheel and hub and made a hell of a mess. 

That's all the riding I've done in 5 years... 

Old pads on left, new on right. Didn't consider any aftermarket brands because the Honda OEM spec are just so damned good. They grab like racing pads. I suspect they're a pretty soft / aggressive compound.  Installing the pads with the springs was a whore. Each caliper has 2 retainer springs and they're a pain in the ass. 

Honda recommends replacing the caliper bolts when the pads are changed. I've done plenty of pad changes on different bikes but this is the first time I bothered to change the bolts. 8 bucks a piece!

Gnarled old front pads. 2 of these are engaged by the rear brake pedal. Want to guess which?

Airbox resonators / vortex generators / oil separators


Throttle plates and airbox inside were a little grimy. Looking at the throttle body layout reminds me of the unique crankshaft configuration of this V4 engine. One of the coolest motorcycle engines ever designed IMO.

Old filter. I've blown it out and re-used it a couple times but this time I replaced it. When the Honda partsman rang up the part number he stared at his screen in disbelief and told me that this filter takes the record from the ST1100 for the most expensive he's seen. He offered a K&N for a bit less but I don't want to mess around with a cloth filter, especially considering how much tupperware needs to be removed from the 1200 to get at the airbox. I bit the bullet on the Honda part and he gave me a good deal. 

Cleaned up the interior of the airbox re-installed the "resonators" which I removed out a few years ago. I think I was a bit arrogant trying to outsmart the Honda engineers. I assumed these were for tuning intake noise but I think airbox design is more sophisticated than that. An experienced engine builder / master technician suggested to me that they could be placed in the 'box to create a "tumble" of air into the intake funnels to better fill the cylinders. They could also have a function of separating oil so it doesn't build up on the plates. In either case, they're back where they belong and will remain there.

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  1. It was smart thing to re-instal the resonators. The VFR has a tuned intake tract volume and associated resonance frequency, designed to provide higher than atmospheric intake air pressure while the intake valves are open - increasing the density of the trapped air in the combustion chamber