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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm really a squid at heart.
The Pirelli Angel ST tires on my 1200 are done. I'm having a pair of Angel GTs fitted tomorrow. Before I take the wheels off I find it neccessary to burn the remaining tread off the old tires. Because I'm immature.


pic of VFR with the wheels off: Notice the automotive-style solid steel brake line fixed to the swingarm.


  1. I did the same thing before changing mine. Funny thing is because of the ABS you can only do the burnout when the bike is first started. Once the bike hits ~5mph the ABS kicks in and will stop burnouts until the system reboots (turn the bike off and on again)

  2. Isn't the exhaust supposed to just swing out of the way? It seems a little odd that you have to remove the can when replacing the rear tire.

  3. It's just as easy to just pop the can off.

  4. How many km/miles on your ST? I did 10k km with this tire (including 1 track day). I also have the GT installed.

  5. I think I did about 6000Kms on the ST including 2 track days and a few dragraces. The front tire was cupped and the back tire was square. I could have put another couple thousand on them but the handling was shite with the wear they had. I like to change tires a bit early and enjoy the handling benefits.

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