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Saturday, May 21, 2011

VFR1200F Fairing Removal

Since I was peeling the left side of my VFR to hook up the GPS, I thought I'd produce a short video to explain how the fairings are removed.

This video only shows removal of the under cowl and left mid cowl. The right cowl comes off identically to the left so it would be redundant to show both. And it goes without saying, but installation is the reverse order of removal.

I also didn't bother to show the removal of the tank covers, but it's very obvious and simple once the mid cowls are off.

It isn't actually neccessary to remove the under cowl to get the mid cowl off but I prefer to do it this way.

I hope someone finds this helpful:



  1. Amendment to the instructions: The little phillips screw doesn't need to come out.

  2. Thanks for sharing the info on fairing removal.