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Monday, December 7, 2009

Price: $18299

That's the official price from Honda Canada. It's $2300 more than the price in the States, but importation and exchange at the current rates would cost about 2 grand, not counting all the hassles and time invested.

So I will continue as planned and buy the VFR1200 from Rocky Honda here in Calgary.

The price is still "TBA" on the DCT version but rumors peg the premium at $1500-2000. If I could reconcile the additional cost, I might not be able to reconcile the delay; the DCT version will come to market a few months later than the standard version. I don't think I'll be patient enough. I also wonder about the reason for the delay. Will it not be ready for production in time? That concerns me a bit.

So I'm 99% sure I'll end up with the 6-speed, and I can have it in whatever colour I want, as long as it's red. I love the white one... It's disappointing that it won't be offered here.

On an unrelated note: a forum commenter remarked that the VFR1200 reminded him of a buffalo. I've got to admit he has a point. Buffalo or not I still think it looks fantastic.

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